Today we will discuss a few terminologies, you can also call these abbreviations in the world of carding.


This stands for “Verified by Visa” and what it does is offers an extra level of protection that is added by “Visa” itself to protect the Card from fraudulent use.


There are no checks done on these types of “NON-VBV” which stand for “not verified by visa”, these are so handy to use online especially when it comes to carding.

There is no need to provide “extra information” nor there is a need to verify via “OTP” as it is the case in “VBV Card” while you are able to make a successful transaction.


VISA/Mastercard can also initiate a process called OTP that stands for a one-time-password to verify the cardholder, this step involves sending an “OTP” to the card owner mobile number in order to validate the transaction.

As a carder, whether you are only starting out our been doing this for a while now, either way, your choice of card would be “NON-VBV” for carding online.

4. WHAT IS “MSC”? 

Just like we have been discussing Visa and their security protocol “VBV” VS no security “NON-VBV”, just like that Mastercard has their own security protocol called “MSC” that stands for “Mastercard Secure Code” it works the same way as Visa card “VBV” does.

So today, we have learned about the terminologies and what kind of card is best suited for Carding online, if you are looking for a card to use for carding, feel free to check out our credit/debit cards collection here

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