It has come to our attention that “Phishing Scammers” calling themselves “@Hackracks” “@Rugerhacks” created the following groups and various usernames that are pretending to be we have created this list for your understanding so please read until the end and re-read if necessary:

1. @Cashoutempire_world (Phishing Scam).

2. @Cashoutempire_C0M ( this, in particular, used “com” with zero such as “c0m” to make it look like ours (Phishing Scam).

3. @Rugerhacks (Phishing Scam).

4. @Alphacashking (Phishing Scam).

5. @Exodushacks (Phishing Scam).

6. @lordrothsch1ld1 (Phishing Scam).

There are other groups that are calling themselves CashoutEmpire but not claiming to be from nor are they copying our logo therefore we don’t need to list those here as the difference between them and us are pretty clear.

However; you need to be aware of the ones we mentioned above these guys are pretending to be “” but instead they are Phishing Scammers!

This is purely to take advantage of the fact that our CashoutEmpire telegram group is “hidden” and is “invite-only” read more info here, for those who have spent $500+ on receives the invite to the group + cashoutempire login and it will ALWAYS be like that on CashoutEmpire.

CashoutEmpire will NEVER sells anything in a public telegram groups, our private group is “private and invite only”, if you send these phishing scammers money you will get obviously get nothing in return, as thats what scammers do.

Our legitimate Telegram after-care service group is:

# @CashoutEmpire_com (Authentic Valid Telegram Belongs To

Although we empathize with all who fell victim to these phishing scammers, please do NOT message us if you have dealt with these scammers or someone else who scammed you under our name, we cannot recover your money.

Only buy from website so that you get the order number that you can quote in case there is a problem with your order.

For more information please see our latest news page here.

We understand that you may have questions like:

Q: Have you contacted the scammers?

A: The answer is No! We do not have the time to waste on policing scammers and our content thieves, It’s your responsibility as a customer to read and understand and look through our site to see what’s original VS scammer pretending to be us and not get scammed.

Q: I have not received my order what do I do now?

A: If you have paid through our website then you should read the ad again and see how long you MUST wait before we deliver the service/product that you have bought.

If you have waited an appropriate amount of time then you MUST check your spam folder as most of the time you will find our email in your junk folder (especially when you are using emails other than protonmail).

If you still have not received the order then contact us on telegram (cashoutempire_com) or email us with your “order number” and provide us with your “email” that you used to place your order.

DO NOT contact us saying “Hi, Hello, what’s up” and so on, if you do that we will ignore your messages and will not reply as we get over 500+ messages a day, so keep that in mind! 

Q: Can I recover the money I sent to these scammers?

A: We do not know whether you can or cannot, you will need to check with the scammers who scammed you, after all, they are called scammers for a reason.

Q: I can see bad reviews on Trustpilot and other sites why is that?

A: We are NOT worried or bothered about third-party reviews as you will ONLY see negative reviews from those who did NOT follow our usual protocols and fell for the scams.

You may also see some GENUINE bad reviews left by customers who did buy from but due to the lack of their own experience they were unable to cashout the services/products they have bought from us, then they asked us to give them another product or service for free without providing us appropriate evidence to prove that the product/service did not work due to cashoutempire’s fault.

It’s just the way it is, we aim to please everyone but it seems to be an impossible task to achieve, while we do our best in pleasing our customers, we will NEVER be blackmailed by anyone regardless of whether it’s for $2.00 or $20,000.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out.


CashoutEmpire Team!