Dear Hustlers, 

We will be posting all our updates, news, and status on this page so you can always keep in check.

You can purchase our products and service by going through a “Guest Checkout”, it will provide you with the “Order Number” while logging your details in our system that are necessary to deliver/provide our services to you, but you do not get the account privileges to log in.

Since the “28th of January 2021” we have closed the registration for new members, this decision was taken in order to stop malicious actors from registering dormant accounts and then attacking our site by injecting malicious codes.

We have decided to grant account privileges only to those who are “our regular customers” and have spent at least $500 or more on #CashoutEmpire, once as a customer you reach this threshold you will be invited to become our member and will also be added to our “exclusive invite-only telegram group” to collaborate with other #CashoutEmpire members.

Thank you for your understanding!

CashoutEmpire Team


============= status today January 22, 2022 is currently online at 00:24 with no known issues.

Please scroll down to see the resolution for “October 30th 2021”.



Thank you everyone for trusting us #CashoutEmpire we would like to acknowledge the patience of all our amazing customers for sticking with us through thick and thin while we were and still are under a series of constant attacks.

Although these attacks can cause a temporary disruption by slowing down our site down we can assure you that we will not be silenced with such attacks, whether they are in form of DDOS or Blackmail to ruin our reputation so on and so forth, we believe if we stay true to our mission (to bring you the best of best tools) then our customers will continue to tell their friends and associates about us and therefore #CashoutEmpire will continue to grow through a word of mouth, that’s the type of organic growth that we strive for.  

Today, we would like to bring you an exciting news. A lot of you have requested us to have a presence on TOR therefore we would like to announce that we are now working to bring you an amazing site on .onion domain without compromising on quality and customer service that you all expect and deserve as being our customer all this length of time.

With above said, please do NOT contact us on Telegram with the following messages: 

  • Hi, you free?
  • Yo, can we talk?
  • What’s up?
  • Does carding work?
  • Do you have other sites?
  • I saw your site copied on other sites!
  • Can you tell me how to card?
  • Can I get a test card?
  • Can I get a test dump?
  • Is it really possible the card?
  • Hey, can you prove you have cards? 
  • Hello, can I be your partner?
  • Hey, can I cash out for you?
  • How do I buy?
  • Can you explain to me how carding works?
  • Can we be partners?
  • Can I be a Vendor? (please see our FAQ)
  • Much more useless/pointless questions

If we continue to get 100’s of messages like this every day then we will have to dedicate the support to our paid customers only,

While we try to help everyone some people are just wanting to be spoon fed, more than 95% of the time the information you’re seeking for is already listed on the ad, if you just take your time to read the ad you will find out the answer to all your questions.

Please do not ask us about the information that is already listed on the ad.

If you do not see when you are looking for then we do not have such product/services so contactiung will not help, everything we have is listed on our site along with their descriptions and our terms for that service. 

NOTE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS: If you have already placed the order and still did not get it, then please contact us through our dedicated support line on “Telegram” and provide us with your “order number or email” you used to place the order, we will get back to you as soon as it’s conveniently possible. Thank you for your understanding.

COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS: We are made aware of the fact that other sites on “surface net” are involved in imitating our #CashoutEmpire site including our articles that are ripped from our blog, sadly there isn’t much we can do about such practice, its just an occupational hazard so to speak.

We #CashoutEmpire is the original author of those articles and the main purpose of writing those articles is to serve you as our customer by providing you the materials needed to broaden your knowledge which in return will open the doors of opportunities for you to take advantage of.

We are the “only native English speaking website” on the surface net that you can trust and should be proud to do business with.

Welcome to #CashoutEmpire family!

#CashoutEmpire Team.



– Payment issues are now resolved and we are we have implemented the custom solution for “Monero” and “Zcash” as per your requests, beside these two (Monero & Zcash) we have also kept the option for the following cryptos:

  • Cardano
  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Stellar
  • XRP
  • Tezos

– We have cleared our email backlog and tried our best to please everyone but those who sent us “multiple emails” and “overly aggressive” emails with “caps containing abuse” we decided to ignore such hate mail as per our terms clearly mentioned on our site. It doesn’t take much effort to be nice and get the help you need rather than losing your cool and being ignored all together!

–  Those who kept annoying our support staff on Telegram to take the payment despite being repeatedly told that we “do NOT” and “will NEVER” accept payments on “Chat Messengers” because there is no history and such payments cannot not associated with your ordered item unless the support staff manually adds your order onto the site, it simply takes a lot of manual work, we rather let you (as a customer) put in the order while we focus on delivery and support. so apologies to those who were blocked for asking the same question over and over.

– Once again our private group is “private” meaning its exclusive as mentioned on top of this page, if you haven’t read how you can get on it please scroll up and read again but for the love of god stop asking us how you can get in the group.

CashoutEmpite Team.



We have cleared the backlog and have gone through a bulk of spam emails.

We have also identified a ton of emails almost all of which could’ve easily been answered upon performing a simple “Google” search.

Everyone is welcome on but please be mindful we have a responsibility to deliver our customer’s orders who have purchased our goods and services as a priority.

You are welcome to contact us but in case where we will receive multiple emails from now on they will be ignored regardless of whether you’re a paid customer or just our blog reader, multiple emails are not allowed.

Once you email us please understand we are running a business we have other responsibilities within our business so please be patient.

99.9% of the time you will receive your order within the timeframe described with the ad, if you just take your time and read it, a vast majority of contacts can be avoided. 

CashoutEmpite Team.



We would like to apologize to customers as we have been mail bombed again by hustlers claiming to be from India. These Hustlers are asking for a free tutorial on “Wells & Fargo”

NOTE: If you are located outside the US “India in this case” then reading that tutorial is useless as it will not work!

Maybe you would like to obtain it so you could sell it? We have something better, we will put that on our blog so everyone can see and read it for free! 

Going forward, if anyone sends us a repeated request email containing the same contents as before they will be banned instantly, furthermore we will add their email to our spam list.



We would like to apologize to you as it was taking us a little longer than usual to deliver your orders!

We were spammed bombed and our email was flooded with junk emails which took us a while to sort and remove all the junk, meanwhile, we were careful not to delete any emails that needed a reply, so if you did not receive a reply please hang tight and we will reply to your email very soon.

However, if you don’t hear from us within the next 18 – 24 hours please do send us another email and we will get back to you as soon as conveniently possible (usually a few hours later).

Once again, thank you for your understanding. 



A malicious user who was a registered member at tried to break our site, he succeeded at doing so and you may have seen a slight downtime. However, our tech team took action by restoring the access and in the process, we also learned about the vulnerability that was lurking beneath our CMS.



Our site was temporarily down due to a DDOS attack which lasted for 2 hours. However, the lion is back again! It’s good to know that we are growing fast and stepping on our competitor’s toes!



We are constantly receiving ransom/blackmail requests through our official contact channels, a number of users are threatening to shut down our site unless we meet their monetary demands ranging from $500 to $1500. We just want to make it clear the Lion will never be threatened and won’t ever bow down to hyenas.




After a careful consideration, we have decided to “disable the registration” now registrations are “Invite Only” we will send registration details to our customers who have spent “$500 or more” on our site along with an invitation to our exclusive “Invite-Only Telegram Group” to network with our serious customers to advance your skills and career in carding. Thank you for your understanding.