Dumps Cashout Method 2021

A set of sensitive information on the magnetic stripe of a credit card is known as DUMP. It can be stolen through a number of ways that include hacking and stealing.

Hackers infect a malware in the payment terminal (also known as the point of sale) that capture all the details of the card as track 1 and 2. Sometimes, skimmers are also attached to the card reading devices that steal all the information without the card owner acknowledges it.

This information (Credit Card Number, Pin, Expiry Date, CVV) basically known as DUMP is then encoded on a blank credit card (Also known as PLASTIC)  to create a duplicate credit card. These duplicate cards work the exact same way as the real ones. They can be cashed out through any ATM.

Type Of Dumps

There are usually two types of dumps. 101 and 201 dumps. 101 dumps refer to a SWIPE ONLY CARD and 201 refers to the cards with chips in them. You have to enter the PIN code to cash them out.

How to Cash 201 Without Pin?

There are plenty of spots in the market which use the SWIPE ONLY POS (Point Of Sale). This means they don’t insert the cards in the machine and just swipe the 201. You have to look for these spots on your own.

How To Write Dumps?

If you are planning to write dumps on your own then you need to have MSR (Magnetic Stripe Credit Card Reader) to write on the (PLASTIC) blank cards. MSR allows you to read/write the information on the blank cards and create clone cards.

If you don’t have the MSR, you can get our cloned cards with 10% cashback on reviews and they will be shipped directly to your place or drop.

If you have the MSR, just install the software and run it. Once it’s operational, all you have to do is to put the dumps information in the boxes provided for track 1 and 2. The software comes with a free tutorial CD as well which has a step-by-step guide. You can get this EMV Chip Writing Software V8.6 (Universal) with a 10% cashback on review as well.


The PLASTIC also refers to the BLANK CARDS that stores the information in the form of positive and negative fields on the magnetic stripes of the card. The MSR can READ that data and can write on the PLASTIC as well. The information is coded in three tracks. Track 1 , 2, and 3. Track 1 and 2 are only important details that are known as dumps. Track 3 is some other information that has nothing to do with our business.

How To Crack CVV From Dump?

Cracking a CVV is never a critical issue. All you need to have is a little technical knowledge. For instance, assume that track 2 is 5348771260648173=2208601752751728.

Now, the first part is the credit card number i.e 5348771260648173 and the other part contains the other information(Expiry date and the CVV)

Expiry date on the cards come in a specific format i.e YYMM format (22/08) and the other three digits are the CVV (601) other digits show some other magnetic information.

Which PLASTIC is best?

There generally is two kinds of PLASTIC (Blank Cards)

High Coercivity (HiCo) 

HiCo cards are more reliable and use high-end material in the making. These cards can be encoded once and they can’t be coded again. You have to destroy this card. In general, Credit Cards and Debit Cards use this technology

Low Coercivity (LoCo)

LoCo cards use low-quality material in the making that’s why they are cheap in price as well. They can be re-encoded when needed and they even use less energy in the making. Hotel room keys are generated through these cards.

Which MSR is Best?

There are plenty of MSRs in the market. All works exactly the same way. Any MSR would work fine as it is long as it serves the purpose. I use MSR200 to create clones. These key features of this MSR are quite impressive. It consumes very little power and even reads the interrupted information from both sides. It even gives full encryption. The size of this MSR so handy and it comes with hardware embedded password protection which makes it more secure to use. You can get it delivered easily to your place/drop and the price is also low as compared to the market because it is a carded one. You can check out our other carded products as well.


TIP: You can get a card embossing machine as well that will help you in embossing the dumps on the card as well. After getting the details printed on the cards, you can use it just like a normal card in public without getting noticed.

If you are planning to cash out the money through the ATM, Do cover your face with a Face Mask as nowadays everyone’s wearing a mask as well. So it looks pretty normal to wear it. 


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